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A Path to Career Opportunities

Job Search Focus Group, a career transition and business networking group for professionals, offers relevant guest speakers weekly and pertinent information to help professionals in job and career transition, i.e. networking, dialogue with local companies and area job postings. About 75 professionals in career transition attend weekly meetings in the Hyde Park area of Cincinnati. Job Search Focus Group is an all volunteer, non-denominational outreach of the Church.

JSFG members successfully navigate their transition and job search through purposeful networking, connecting and building business relationships in an encouraging and supportive environment. JSFG meets weekly on Mondays 9-11am at the Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church. First time visitors attend Orientation at 8am.

No reservations needed. Please feel free to join us on Mondays, first time only at 8am. contact: Nan Stricker

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church is located at 1345 Grace at Observatory.

Job Search Focus Group Hyde Park (www.jsfg.com) has been serving Professionals in career and job transition for over 26 years. Check our Events Calendar for program details. 

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Former JSFG President, Bob Pautke, speaks about JSFG -video by Rob Blume

Contact us for more information: 

or call our office at (513) 979-8167 ~ 24/7. 

jwww.obsearchfocusgroup.com or www.jsfg.com
LinkedIn: Job Search Focus Group of Hyde Park (Cincinnati)
Twitter: jsfg_cinti
Instagram: jsfg_cinti.

Member Testimonials:
"I just wanted to let you know that JSFG was a huge blessing for me and I wish I had found this group sooner in my search."  M.L.

"My thanks to the entire JSFG team for months of support and guidance. I relied heavily on the tips and useful information gained in JSFG meetings throughout the lengthy interview process. T.W.

"I started attending Job Search Focus Group. I think the biggest way that you helped me was pushing for more networking. That alone taught me valuable skills that will be directly applicable to this job. That is EXTREMELY valuable" J.G.

"I learned more at the first two JSFG meetings than I learned in 6-months with a paid career coach."  -P.H.  JSFG Member

"JSFG is a great group of folks who provide encouragement and tools to help in a process that can be daunting and discouraging" -K.V. - JSFG Graduate 

"Thanks to Job Search Focus group in Hyde Park for the outstanding job that you do every week and every day to help JSFG members get jobs and/or be better educated. From mock interviews to meeting with us outside of group, you do it all. Going through a job loss is humbling and exhausting. Thank you for making the journey lighter for me and all. The JSFG team members are truly incredible people." S.S JSFG member in transition.

I have been afforded the service of outplacement companies on two different occasions and I’m aware of what employers pay them.  I can say without reservation that the JSFG offers as good or better assistance to folks in such a difficult situation.  The encouragement I received each Monday I attended was key to my ability to stay positive and learn things about job search. I had not learned before or understood as well as I do now.  JS

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